Zafrani Biryani

Lost to the mists of time was a Biryani that was the delight of the Nizam’s royal court. It was the favourite of the royal families and their guests. The recipe itself was a best kept secret for a long time and no one outside the royal clique could enjoy its rapturous taste. Paradise is excited to serve this majestic variety – the Zafrani Biryani – across all Outlets from February 1 as part of the Zafrani Biryani Festival.

Paradise Biryani has been the world's favourite Biryani for decades now. But, we are sure that the moment you get the first taste of our Zafrani Biryani, it will become your new favourite! This legacy of the Nizams is no longer reserved to a select few, but to anyone who is looking to taste a delightful variety lost to the mists of time. We promise you that you will relish this premium Biryani served in two variants: Zafrani Chicken Biryani and Zafrani Mutton Biryani.

It gives us great joy and pleasure to invite you to the Zafrani Biryani Festival starting at all Paradise Outlets on February 1, 2017. Zafrani Biryani: the zafran makes it and names it, and ensures that it tastes as delicious as its name sounds! So come celebrate the Zafrani Festival at Paradise and savour the Zafrani Biryani, the courtly food of the Nizams of Hyderabad.

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